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College Students Need Dental Insurance Too

Student Dental Plans Lower Student Dental Bills
Learn about student dental coverage plans for college-age kids and their families Are you a college student or parent of one who needs student dental insurance coverage? If your insurance company insists that your college student isn't covered by your existing dental insurance policy, the good news is that you can easily purchase affordable student dental coverage via a Discount Dental Plan. The bad news is that college students need dental coverage more than ever as the American Hygienist's Dental Association (AHDA) states that college students are at higher risk for dental decay due to their unhealthy living and high stress levels.

With membership fees as low as $6.95 per month or annual costs from $71.90 for 15 months, these non-insurance dental plans can ensure that your student's teeth will be protected whether they commute to the college or attend a university far away. Because these non-insurance student dental plans require no age, health or citizenship restrictions, everyone instantly qualifies. In addition, for a few extra dollars you can expand this dental coverage to include the students family as well.

Advantages Of Discount Dental Plans Over Dental Insurance
Universities do not make it possible for their students to obtain dental insurance like they can get health insurance via an endorsed student health plan. The good news is that unlike traditional dental insurance, discount dental plans are tailor-made for university students, both undergraduate and graduate alike, because they can be used when you're either away at college or at home with your family... even if separated by thousands of miles!

* Real Discounts: save 20%-60% on all dental care, including specialists
* Immediate Protection: your coverage can start in as little as 24 hours
* Year-Round Coverage: not just during the school term but 365 days/year
* Free Health Benefits: some plans offer discounts on vision or Rx drugs
* Extremely Flexible: your coverage follows you no matter where you live
* Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30-day moneyback guarantee if not satisfied
* Fast and Easy: Short, simple and totally secure online application

How To Comparison Shop For Student Dental Plans
There can be literally a dozen or more student dental plans for the student or parent to choose from, each one with their own participating dentists, yearly premiums, fee schedules and fine print. When purchasing a discount plan, it's important that you take your time and shop around because some plans may cost less per month/year but offer smaller discounts on dental procedures. This could end up costing you more should you visit the dentist more than once or twice in a 12 month period!

Although doesn't endorse one discounted dental plan over another, those looking for low-cost dental plans should go to because and they make it easy to comparison shop by allowing you to quickly compare membership fees, participating dentists, dental procedures prices, and much more between 10 to 20 different regional and/or national dental plans.

Student Dental Coverage Discount: Save 10%
Simply click the link below, type in your zip code and begin comparing dental plans available in your area. Then, when you've decided on which plan to enroll in, activate our Special 10% College Student kept Dental Coverage Plan Coupon by using coupon-code "blurt" when filling out a application.

Compare Student Dental Insurance Plans In Your Area...

Student Dental Coverage Via

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